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上海时装周,shanghaifashionweek,shanghai fashion week, 上海时尚
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Massimo Sforza

About 关于品牌/设计师

1984 – 时尚热情:取得米兰Secoli学院设计学位后,Massimo Sforza因其对时尚的热爱开始了和多家知名时装公司的合作,包括Testoni及Hettrabretz。这一时期,他的美学理念及技艺得到提升。
1989 – 时尚发展:从制版师母亲Nadia及皮具制作大师父亲Flavio那里秉承了优异的技术天赋,Massimo创建了之后取得巨大成功的自己的公司Sforza. S.r.l,并以同名Sforza发布了第一个外套系列。独有的设计风格理念加上创新的手工制作的上乘质量,使他很快就受到高级男装品牌Brioni的垂青,1994年起,双方展开了长达13年的合作。
2007 – 时尚缺失:时代在变换,人们的着装意愿也日趋凸显。Massimo敏锐地察觉到在男装领域缺少能够反映这一变化的系列。知名的奢侈品牌提供的是可预测的,单一的经典服饰,通常都是沉着稳重的,即使他们所提供的产品质量无与伦比。通常的奢侈品流行趋势都会贴上所谓的年轻潮流的“IT”标签,然而他们的产品并未能够满足成功男士的高质量需求。  
2007夏 – 时尚变革:Massimo的这一察觉落实到了具体措施上:为绅士提供时尚别致的完美服装,既体现潮流又保证品质。这就是后来被Massimo称为“Dandy Cood”(花花公子)与”Luxury Absolute”(绝对潮流)的品质与潮流的变革。  
2008年1月 – 时尚发布:Massimo的这一想法得以实现,他成功发布了自己的第一个同名“Massimo Sforza”个人完整套装系列。  
2010年1月 – 时尚确立:坚定的设计师受到市场鼓励,继续创作他的Massimo Sforza全系列,研究第一手面料并加以开发生产,担当新公司FORMS.s.r.l的CEO,同时也参与同其他重要品牌的合作项目。“我是个纯粹主义者,”这位倔强坚持“意大利制造”的支持者说到,“我喜欢自己开发珍贵的面料并将它们制成成衣,这样的面料保有原料天然美丽的特点,而我只是突出这些特点。”  
现在 – 这位已有25年男装制造与设计经验的设计师的日程表总是满满当当,既要完成日趋增加的设计需求,又要妥善经营以自己名字命名的公司业务。这一季,他将他的睿智同奢侈品行业关系网络衔接,他对改进自己的品牌的愿望与继续投资的意愿使这一季多了很多新产品与对客户的新服务项目。

1984 - Fashion Passion: Freshly armed with a design degree from Milano’s Istituto Secoli in hand and a passion for fashion in his DNA, Massimo Sforza sharpened his artistic and technical skills by collaborating with famous and important labels like Testoni and Hettabretz. 
1989 - Fashion Fast Forward: Flanked by the extraordinary technical talents of his patternmaker mom, Nadia, andmaster leather craftsman dad, Flavio, Massimo upstarted what would later become the hugely successful company Sforza s.r.l. and immediately developed his own first artisan infused outerwear collection under the brand name Sforza. Recognition of the collection’s distinctive style accented with its signature innovative handiwork and quality soon caught the eye of the luxury menswear label Brioni and by 1994 a 13 year long design and production partnership between the two ensued. 
2007 - Fashion Deficit: Times had changed, dressing attitudes had evolved and Massimo became acutely aware of theabsence of a menswear collection that reflected this progression. Renowned classic luxury brands offered the predictable, univariate traditional collections that were decidedly mature and static – even if they succeeded in offering clients an admirable quality. In contrast, so called luxury trend setting “it” labels purported innovativeness and youthful spirit, but were not able to offer a product that ultimately fulfilled the crucial quality requisites of the sophisticated man. 
Summer 2007 - Fashion Fusion: Massimo’s observations crystallize into a very clear mission: to offer the modern, discriminating gentleman the perfect union of uncompromising quality with refined, but contemporary style. The result isa fusion of style and quality which Massimo refers to respectively as “Dandy Cool” and “Luxury Absolute”. 
January 2008 - Fashion Launch: The triumphant metamorphosis of Massimo’s vision into a reality is completed and he successfully launches his first solo, total-look collection under the brand Massimo Sforza. 
January 2010 - Fashion Statement: Totally energized by positive results, the determined designer continues to design the entire Massimo Sforza collection, research first hand the critical raw materials necessary to conceive and produce it, remain acting CEO of his new company FORMS s.r.l. and occasionally collaborate on projects with other important brands. “I’m am a purist,” says the supporter of uncompromised, authentic ‘made in Italy’ production. “ I love to sculpt the most precious materials and then transform them into objects that don’t alter their most natural and beautiful characteristics – only highlight them.” 
Currently – The quarter of a century veteran of menswear manufacturing and design keeps a jammed packed agenda balancing the increasing demands of designing and running the steadily growing business of his namesake label. This season his network of relationships in the luxury manufacturing business coupled with his great acumen, his desire to constantly evolve and his willingness to invest in improvements of his brand has yielded the addition in his collection of new products and new services to be able to offer his clients.




April 17, 2012

2012-4-17, 作品发布 RUNWAY
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